Medium Speed Jelly Glue

Jelly glue is a kind of animal glue, which is used in the rigid boxes manufacturing, the printing and packaging industry after deep processing. Because it looks like jelly, also called jelly glue.

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The products produced by using jelly glue are not deformed, not easy to be moldy and foaming, and can enhance the stiffness of paper products. In addition to strong viscosity, jelly glue has moderate softness, so that the fold parts of hardcover books, dictionaries are not easy to break.

we manufacture jelly glue for rigid box, jelly glue for hard cover, jelly glue for book spine, jelly glue for book binding,jelly glue for desk calendar,jelly glue for photo album.

Medium speed gelatin glue is usually used on semi-automatic machines,such as:

jelly glue for semi-automatic gluing machine

jelly glue for semi-automatic case making machine

jelly glue for semi-automatic rigid box covering machine

jelly glue for semi-automatic hard cover making machine

According to the different production processes and equipment, jelly glue is roughly classified as follows:

1. Jelly glue for low-speed semi-automatic equipment: For manual or semi-automatic machine. The drying speed of this kind of glue is slow, and the glue will remain sticky within 120 seconds after the surface paper is glued. This allows enough time to finish the work by hand. It is suitable for semi-automatic pasting machine,semi-automatic gluing machine,semi-automatic case making machine,pasting machine etc.

2.Jelly glue for medium speed case making machine:It is used for the production of various gift boxes, curing speed is fast, drying time is about 60 seconds. It is a common medium speed jelly glue, glue can strengthen the cardboard hardness, with strong softness, suitable for heating equipment semi-automatic case maker, rigid box covering machine.

3.Jelly glue for high speed book cover machine: It is suitable for hardcover book. It has the characteristics of fast curing speed, high toughness, strong folding, the highest speed can keep up with the machine of 60-80s per minute. It is suitable for full automatic high speed book cover machine.

4. Jelly glue for hardcover linkage production line: The glue is specially for book spine. It has the characteristics of high speed and high viscosity.

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