Industrial Gelatin for Match

Industrial Gelatin for match manufacturing industry mainly takes the advantage of the formation of pores by the foaming of the colloid, combined with oxidizer, ignition agent and filler, to make it ignites instantly

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Gelatin is a biological macromolecule, so it has some properties of macromolecule. Gelatin can combine with up to 10 times its own weight in water, then absorb water and swell, which can prevent the product from seepage or dehydration and shrinkage. When dry gelatin is placed in a proper amount of water, we can first see that its outer layer slowly expands. As time goes on, the expansion gradually develops into the inner layer. This phenomenon is called "swelling", or colloquial "swelling".The expanded gelatin is heated to over 35℃ to form a homogeneous solution with water. In brief, the gelatin is first soaked in cold water for 60 minutes and then melted in a water bath below 80℃.

A solution containing gelatin can be stirred quickly to form a foaming body, and the gelatin content and the stir density determine the texture of the foamed product.

Industrial Gelatin for match is a kind of good quality gelatin specially used in the production of matches. Because of its good foaming ability and high viscosity, it plays an important role as a foaming agent in the production of matches.

Industrial gelatin production technology

1. Soak skin waste in lime water for 3-5 days;
2. The skin washing machine will clean and stir the skin for 3-4 hours (at this time, the dirty and stiff waste skin will become clean and soft);
3. Then soak the skin in industrial hydrochloric acid and boil it with water.
4, 6 to 10 hours later, the gelatinous components in the skin waste into the water, the gelatinous water is extracted into the open iron basin, and added with hydrogen peroxide sterilization, bleaching;
5. After a night of cooling, the water in the iron basin will turn into a gelatin, and then it will be dried and crushed to form gelatin particles.Industrial gelatin production technology

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