1. Moisturize hair quality, collagen is good for hair is to moisten hair quality, hair main component is protein, if lack of protein, hair nutrition is insufficient, easy to dry and bifurcate, enough protein can maintain the nutrition of hair, let hair soft and shiny;


2. Skin care, collagen is good for skin is to be able to effectively skin care, beauty, because collagen has the function of nourishing skin, can effectively maintain the elasticity of the skin, maintain its moisturizing and light elasticity, repair the damaged skin, effectively firm the skin, wrinkle, maintain moisturizing;


3. The advantages of collagen to the chest are to be able to plump and lift the chest. The tissue composition of the chest is mostly fat and connective tissue, of which collagen is the main component of connective tissue, and sufficient collagen can effectively support the chest and reflect the posture of chest lifting;


4. To prevent diseases, collagen can maintain the function of viscera, prevent some diseases, and the organs and organs of the body are affected by collagen. The lack of collagen will seriously affect the health of organs, even cause some diseases. If the collagen protein is fully replenished, it can supplement the visceral organs, assist the nutrition and movement of visceral organs, and effectively prevent one Some diseases;


5. To prevent osteoporosis, collagen is good for bone to prevent osteoporosis. 70% and 80% of organic matter in bones are collagen. Therefore, when bones are generated, sufficient collagen fibers must be synthesized to form skeleton framework. Therefore, some people call collagen protein as bone in bone. Loss of collagen or lack of collagen will cause osteoporosis Class B disease;


6. Collagen has the function of shaping muscle. Collagen can help build muscle. It can supplement collagen a little more everyday, promote the secretion of growth hormone and muscle growth, and supplement collagen can keep muscle strength;


7. Collagen can maintain the health of blood vessels, collagen plays an important role in maintaining the health of blood vessels. More collagen can keep the elasticity of blood vessels, thus preventing the occurrence of adverse symptoms such as vascular rupture and embolism.