2.5g Gelatin Sheet

2.5g gelatin sheet is also known as silver gelatin sheet(2.5g). Normally, the strength of silver gelatin sheet(2.5g) is 200 bloom. The raw material of gelatin sheet is the same as ordinary gelatin, but it is in sheet form. It can be used to make mousse cakes, etc.

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For example, the concrete method of durian mousse cake is: cut the gelatin slices into small pieces and soak them in cold water (the amount of water is less than the gelatin slices);Cut the chiffon cake into two pieces, about 1.5cm each.Cut the sliced cake and use scissors to cut around the edges. Remove the edges that have been baked to make the mousse look better.Drain the softened gelatin tablets and add 30 grams of milk.Heat a small pot of water in a small saucepan. Melt gelatine sheets over heat. Cool.Put the durian into a blender and puree it.Beat the light cream in the caster sugar with an electric whisk until 6.Hit to appear lines, slanting to the side of the barely slow flow can;Stir the chilled beef milk with a spoon to prevent the gelatine from sinking to the bottom.After mixing well, slowly add in the whipped light cream, it is best to add in two times, and then add a next time after each mixing well;Add the durian puree into the light cream and stir well.Place a cake slice in the center of the cake tin.Pour in half the mousse filling, shake a few times, mousse filling will flow smoothly in all directions;Add a second slice of cake and pour in the remaining mousse filling. Give the cake a few shakes again to make the surface smooth and cool.Mix the matcha with the milk, put it over hot water and heat it. Stir it with a spoon, take it out of the hot water and let it cool.Use a small spoon to scoop up a bit of matcha liquid and drip it on the surface of the cake irregularly. Use a toothpick to draw it gently from the middle of the cake, or use it freely. Put it in the refrigerator for more than four hours before serving.

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