For Hard Capsule

Gelatin hollow capsules, it is mainly used to hold some solid drugs, as well as liquid drugs, such as health products or pharmaceuticals, so as to improve the problem of difficult to eat and bad taste when taking, and it has no side effects on the body. It is a very safe substance. The usage of gelatin hollow capsule is that it is usually made into two capsules, one of which is usually filled with drugs, such as solid drugs or powder drugs, and then the other shell is set on the other side of the drug, and the drugs packed with gelatin hollow capsule can be directly carried out in the next process.

For Soft capsule

Soft capsule is a kind of packaging method of capsule, which is commonly used in medicine or health food. It is a kind of capsule made by sealing liquid medicine or liquid solid medicine in soft capsule material. The soft capsule material is made of gelatin, glycerin or other suitable pharmaceutical excipients.


For Tablet or Vitamin Coatings


Gelatin coating protects vitamins from light or oxygen. And as stabilizer of tablet