Bakery Products


Bakery Products

Gelatin is a kind of pure natural gum extracted from animal bone skin, and its main component is protein. It is widely used in home baking. Its function is to solidify the ingredients. Food with gelatin tastes soft and elastic, especially in the production of mousse or pudding. Among them, gelatin can be divided into gelatin sheet and gelatin powder. The difference between them lies in the different physical forms.

After soaking, the gelatin sheet should be drained and put into the solution to be solidified, and then it can be stirred and melted. However, gelatinous powder does not need to be stirred during soaking. After it absorbs water automatically and expands, it is stirred evenly until it melts. Then add the warm solution to be solidified. Note that all desserts made of gelatin need to be refrigerated, which is easy to melt and deform in warm environment.



1. When making fruit mousse, because the enzyme in the fruit will decompose the protein contained in gilding, which will make gelatin unable to solidify, this kind of fruit includes kiwi fruit, papaya, etc. So when making fruit mousse with gelatin, you should boil the fruit first.

2. If the soaked gelatin is not used immediately, it should be stored in the refrigerator first and then taken out when necessary.


For Confectionary

The general dosage of gelatin in candy is 5% - 10%. The best effect was obtained when the dosage of gelatin was 6%. The addition of gelatin in gum is 617%. 0.16% - 3% or more in nougat. The dosage of the syrup is 115% ~ 9%. The ingredient of lozenge or jujube candy should contain 2% - 7% gelatin. Gelatin is more elastic, flexible and transparent than starch and agar in the production of candy. In particular, it needs gelatin with high gel strength when producing soft and soft candy and toffee.

For Dairy Product

The formation of hydrogen bonds in edible gelatin successfully prevents whey precipitation and casein contraction, which prevents solid phase from separating from liquid phase and improves the structure and stability of the finished product. If edible gelatin is added to yoghurt, the separation of whey can be prevented, and the structure and stability of the product can be improved.